After four days of relaxed reclusion in Bang Bao, I headed up to the more populated and confusingly named Lonely Beach. A traveler I met in Vietnam had recommended a placed called Paradise Cottage, which he described as a “chill place on the water with loads of hammocks, decent food, really good music, and bungalows for under $15 a night.” Paradise indeed.
I did very little over my six days here. Koh Chang is the type of place where your main stress in life is figuring out where you would be watching the sunset from. My hours dissolved under the heat of the sun and into the pages of books. Distractions consisted of having to stop reading to watch fishermen wade out at dusk and launch their hooks attached to fishing line threaded around recycled pop bottles, or taking out your phone to Shazam the amazing remix that the owners/DJs of Paradise Cottage dug up from who-knows-where.
Ripping yourself away is the hardest part.

Koh Chang

Paradise Cottage