Although its galleries are pleasant, Georgetown’s more contemporary art can be found on the sides of its heritage buildings. The city recently caught on to the “street art” scene and has a vast collection of interesting pieces scattered throughout the old town. Some are hidden (don’t worry, there’s a map with all their locations) but others can’t be missed due to the piece’s scale or the lineup of tourists snapping photos.

Georgetown’s most famous art-vandal is Ernest Zacharevic. Legend has it that the Lithuanian artist/backpacker ended up in Georgetown, fell for Penang’s charms (I don’t blame him) and stuck around for longer than anticipated. In 2012, the city commissioned him to install some “official” pieces that you can find scattered around the city. Luckily, I was privy to an extra dose of ZACH since I ended up in town in time to see art is rubbish is art, a showcase of his work located inside a decrepit old bus station that his patrons rented out for him to use as a street art playground.

If you’re in Georgetown, I highly recommend carving out some time to seek out his pieces.


Georgetown Street Art