With only a couple of days left in Indonesia, we opted for relaxation over adventure. Bali is a huge island with a variety of destinations, but most of them are hard to get to without your own transportation. Loads of tourists rent scooters claiming that “it can’t be that hard to drive one of these dinky little things,” but I had seen enough bandages and road rashes throughout my travels to make a vow to learn this skill at home where I get free healthcare in excellent facilities. Besides, we’d heard good things about Seminyak, Bali’s trendy cosmopolitan strip not far from the airport we’d be flying out of.

Seminyak is upscale Bali. Highly westernized and catering to a mainly Australian demographic (Bali is pretty much Australia’s mexico), the city is packed with nice restaurants, creative cocktails, stellar coffee, fancy spas, and beautiful boutiques. Prices were close to international but the quality was world-class to match. Pretty much Vancouver on the equator so we felt right at home.

Our “splurge” meal was consumed at Sarong, listed as one of the top restaurants in South-East Asia, and it was pretty close to perfect. The panang curry with wagyu beef and the perfectly cooked tandoori snapper might go down as some of the most memorable dishes I tasted in SEA. The hardest thing about life in Seminyak might have been choosing from Sarong’s menu.

If you’d rather spend your Rupiah on a liquid diet, a morning coffee at Revolver or Anomali is a must, and so is an evening cocktail to watch the sunset at the Potato Head Beach Club. I don’t know where the silly name came from, but it certainly doesn’t do the place justice. The massive beach-front complex has several restaurants, lounges, bars, swimming pools, bars in swimming pools… It’s the type of place that made me understand why the local boutiques sold so many expensive swimsuits. This is a world where you could wear a bikini to the bar and still be overdressed. We were lucky enough to catch a breathtaking sunset with at least four different cloud types including a thundercloud that performed a lightning-filled encore after the sunset had finished its colourful act.

Nature’s grand finale to a beautiful journey in Indonesia.