The next leg of my trip was pretty much a blank slate.  The only thing I had to do was book a plane ticket to land in Bali around the same time as Georgia. She bought the guidebook, booked the first hotel, and compiled a rough to-do list. The idea of having a travel partner who could ease the burden of constant logistical stress was so appealing that I decided to forgo any intensive research and just submit myself to playing it by ear.

We spent the first two nights living posh in a deluxe villa on the outskirts of Jimbaran. I’d been warned that Georgia miscalculated the currency conversion when booking so I knew the place would be a step up from the dorm rooms I’d grown accustomed to, but nothing could have prepared us for the free upgrade that landed us in a two bedroom villa with a private pool, kitchen, and house-wide sound system.

Needless to say we didn’t get out much, but we did manage to visit the famous Jimbaran beach for sunset and BBQed seafood at Menega Cafe. If you can’t remember the name when you’re there, here’s a hint: go to the restaurant where no one is chasing after you trying to show you a menu. The fish was perfectly cooked, the beer was cold, and the waves were literally washing over our feet. A perfect reunion date with my favourite dinner partner.

After two nights in our paradise villa, we moved up to Sanur, home of cheaper accommodation, a great restaurant called Three Monkeys, and travel agents who could help us get to our next stop: Gili Air.


Next Stop: Indonesia