Constant travel is exhausting. Some people recharge by laying on a beach, others go to a spa, I seek out a good macchiato and chocolaty dessert to be enjoyed in a relaxing environment with good wifi. Here I find time to write e-mails, edit photos, write in my journal, or play catch-up with the blog.

About one month into my travels, exhausted from checking as many tourist boxes as possible during my brief stops, I realized that discovering a city’s best cafes to rest in was just as important to me as finding museums and monuments.

When I looked up cafes to visit in Penang, my heart sunk. I would need weeks to visit all the amazing cafes that this city had to offer. My caffeine intake doubled, but so did my productivity.  I would hide in one of several charming cafes during the stifling mid-day hours to spend quality time with Aperture and WordPress. It’s actually thanks to Penang that I got my photo mosaics working.

Georgetown boasts an impressive lineup of cafes so you’re sure to find one that suits you the best, but the top three spots in my heart go to Mugshot Cafe for its good coffee and wood-fired bagels, The Alley for its superior espresso and salted caramel cronut, and China House for its mouthwatering cake selection and sprawling ambition.


Georgetown is for coffee lovers