First things first, let’s talk about food. Singapore may be an ultra-modern city developing at breakneck speed, but step into its open-air food courts and it’s clear that this city-state that isn’t about to walk away from its culinary roots any time soon. In this part of the world, hawkers specializing in one dish spend years perfecting their interpretation of a classic. It’s no surprise that each Singaporean I met campaigned loyally for their favorite laksa, prata, or duck rice. I couldn’t help but chuckle whenever I asked a local “what should I do or see in Singapore?” and their answer would inevitably be something along the lines of “well, have you eaten X yet?”

I can’t think of a bad meal I ate in Singapore and, despite popular belief, it was completely affordable. The committee who recently named Singapore the most expensive city in the world must have eaten at the wrong restaurant. I rarely spent more than five bucks on any given meal and I certainly wasn’t depriving myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most Singaporeans are obsessed with food because it’s actually one of the cheapest forms of entertainment the country has to offer.


Eating like a Singaporean