Traveling around the world is akin to speed dating a room full of UNESCO beauty queens. You’re not allowed to stay in one place too long if you plan on meeting every wonder and city in the room. You hear the ding in the back of your mind and book onwards transit. However, sometimes you get to a table (Georgetown in this case), the bell rings, people around you move on, but you break the rules.

I had initially slotted 4 nights in my calendar for Penang. I left on day 12.

Upon first meeting the city, I immediately realized she was my type. We shared an appreciation for great food, the arts, cozy cafes, vintage design, and social diversity. But the real attraction grew when I realized that Georgetown is completely comfortable with herself. Unlike other beautiful cities chosen by UNESCO, she hasn’t been whitewashed with new coats of makeup, isn’t ashamed of her open sewers, hasn’t showed signs of pushing away her old residents in droves to make room for fancier suitors, and displays a contagious pride in every neighborhood she has.

I took more pictures of Georgetown than anywhere else on my trip. Every time you turn the corner you see a new masterpiece.  Hopefully this gallery can convey a brief glimpse into why you should go for a long walk and get to know this charming beauty.

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Falling in love with Georgetown



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