No matter which neighbourhood you’re in, the allegations of Singapore feeling like a nanny state are well deserved. Upon landing, the stewardess gave us the local time, weather, and a cheery reminder that carrying any drugs into Singapore would lead to a mandatory death penalty.

It’s the only airport where I had to go through security getting off the plane. Sure I can understand trying to limit the influx of illicit substances, but some of their rules are just plain silly. Is that chewing gum? Call the police! That’s right, gum is illegal in Singapore. I once caught an expat chewing gum and called him a badass. He explained that he was allowed to bring back a small amount from another country for “personal use,” but if he handed me a piece it would be a state offence. Consider yourself warned.

But don’t worry about having to know all the rules before travelling to Singapore. Why? Because there will be constant reminders explaining what you’re not allowed to do and how to be a better citizen. Here’s my tribute to the overwhelming amount of nanny-state signage posted all over the city.


The Nanny State


2 thoughts on “The Nanny State

  1. leaveagap says:

    The Omnipresences are watching us, I actually find security in having no signs around on this island it gives me an idea of what sin and guilt is, although I try making less of a hoohaa about fear. These are good training guidelines where a citizen is concerned

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