As I scrolled through the long list of hostels that Georgetown has on offer, one stuck out at me: Tofu Cafe Beds & Bikes. First of all, I love all four things in their name, but the real clincher was the promise of a homemade street food map. Then the confirmation e-mail hit my inbox saying that guests who stay three nights get a free bike rental. Beautiful.

I was greeted at Tofu by two amazing hosts, Joyce and Lucas (the only hostel owners I have befriended on Facebook), who immediately made it their mission to make sure I ate and saw the best Georgetown has to offer. The homemade map was by no means an empty promise made for their hostelworld description, rather a labour of love that is on its fifth revision. I used it so much that it was nearly disintegrated by the end. I’m happy to say I got through the majority of the list and none of them were duds.

The map was tool number one, but Lucas’s red vintage postman’s bike was up there as a close second. Georgetown is completely flat and perfect for cruising. The city is easily walkable, but getting around by bike makes every corner of town accessible within minutes, not to mention the momentum when riding creates a much-needed breeze in the oppressive mid-day heat.

Though these two things alone made staying at Tofu worth it, the thing that made it a truly special stay were its owners. I have never met people as proud of their city and keen on making you feel the same way. They expertly set me up with other solo travellers, set us on our way, and were genuinely curious about what we thought about their suggestions and our own discoveries. One night, they even drove three of us out to one of their favourite restaurants and walked us through a local night market. I have no doubt that  I would have enjoyed Georgetown had I stayed elsewhere, but I blame them for how I fell head over heels for this city.


Tofu Cafe Beds & Bikes


One thought on “Tofu Cafe Beds & Bikes

  1. My partner and I have two great passions; cycling and street food. Just last week I was looking at Georgetown as a stop on another South East Asia trip and this post has sealed it for me. Will definitely be looking at staying at Tofu. Thanks for sharing.

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