I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Thai seafood as one of the best types of food in the world. The food on Koh Chang was generally mediocre apart from our oft-visited “Thai Mama” Oan, but I was able to satiate my constant search for good food with the help of a trio of english teachers living in South Korea. If my brief stint in Seoul taught me anything, it’s that people in South Korea are serious about eating and are perfectly happy sharing big dishes, which is perfect for tackling a big plate of BBQed scallops, wok-fried rock lobsters, mangrove crabs, or my all-time favourite: a whole fish fried in its entirety seasoned by the simple trio of garlic, chilies, and fish sauce. Sadly, no fish pictures turned out since we’d half-way through devouring it before anyone remembered to take a picture, a testimony to its greatness.

Koh Chang

Thai Seafood


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